HATE Part Ways With Drummer Hexen

Жаль, удачи Hexen’у и Hate в дальнейшем

Metal Shock Finland (World Assault )

Polish extreme metallers HATE have issued, via their Official Facebook Page, the following announcement:


This is to inform you that HATE have amicably parted ways with longtime drummer Hexen. The band cited artistic differences as grounds for this. Hexen has appeared on three of the band’s albums Morphosis (2008), Erebos (2010) and Solarflesh (2013), and has contributed much to overall sound of the band. Founding member Atf Sinner comments: “After creating “Solarflesh” we all felt that something has come to an end. It was like writing last pages of a book, a conclusion. Not long ago Hexen informed us that he decided to go his own path to work on his projects. We part ways with him with mutual respect and understanding and we look forward to embracing the next chapter of HATE. We wish him nothing but the best. He is our brother and it will stay so…

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  1. tnx for sharing! \m/

    1. one of my favorite polish metal bands. Every sad peace of news like a knife to the heart(

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